Helen Graham crocheting

People come to rehab centers expecting to recover from injury or illness, but sometimes their experience includes more takeaways than simply health.


This was the case for Helen Graham, who came to Life Care Center of Hendersonville, North Carolina, for therapy and went home in late August after a successful rehabilitation with a new talent.


“Although many people thought she would be unable to live on her own again, Helen proved them wrong with her determination and positive attitude,” said Dorothy Jeffery, activity director at the facility.


Graham, who became known throughout the facility for her liveliness, participated in several activities during her stay, making other residents and associates smile with her jokes and singing.


“She joined us in games, lunch outings and boat rides,” Jeffery shared, “but her favorite was the crocheting class, which she had never done before.”


In the class, Graham crocheted flowers, a bag, a scarf and a blanket. She donated the blanket, which she worked on for so long, to the facility to inspire the other residents and show them that they can learn new things too.


Even though Graham has returned home, she continues to visit the facility on occasion and participate in the crocheting class.