Housekeeping associates (left to right) Keith Rice, Earlene Cullen and Jamie Hamby

Residents at Life Care Center of Hendersonville, North Carolina, have an unusual group of entertainers – three members of the facility’s housekeeping department.


When Keith Rice, Earlene Cullen and Jamie Hamby put down their mops and dusters, they are often picking up a guitar or microphone. Every other Saturday afternoon, the trio, Earlene and the Good Ol’ Boys, serenades residents in the dining room with country and gospel music.


“One day, they were all at lunch and started talking about music,” shared Dorothy Jefferey, activity director. “They all realized they sing and play an instrument. They decided one day to bring in the guitars and see what they could do just for fun. They realized they were good together and stated practicing on their breaks. One of the residents heard them and loved them.”


“To hear them sing is like having heaven in the building,” said one resident who attends the group’s performances. 

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