Left to right: Jim Poore, physical therapist assistant; Madeline Farrell; and April Johnson, occupational therapist assistant

Madeline Farrell was in a near-fatal car accident during the holidays 2015.


While Farrell survived, she suffered multiple breaks in her right arm and leg, and she spent a month in the hospital. She needed rehabilitation before she could return home again.


On Jan. 29, 2016, Farrell came to Life Care Center of Hendersonville, North Carolina, for therapy. She was unable to walk, and she had to use a sliding board to get from her bed to her wheelchair. She couldn’t do many of the daily tasks we take for granted, such as bathing herself, getting dressed or even feeding herself.


“I could not use my right leg or arm,” Farrell explained.


Farrell met with physical therapists six days a week to work on her mobility, range of motion and balance, and with occupational therapists five days a week to work on her self-care functions. Therapists used short-wave diathermy to provide heat therapy, and Farrell also used Omni VR, a virtual reality rehabilitation tool.


“The therapy team brought me from non-weight bearing to half-weight bearing to full-weight bearing,” Farrell said. “I can now walk with a four-wheeled walker for some distance, have balance in standing, can care for myself and do household tasks and cook. It’s a miracle in three months. The excellent care from the therapists and staff has given me back my life.”


Farrell returned home on April 30, 2016, and she returned to Life Care Center of Hendersonville for outpatient therapy from May 5 – June 20. She is now independent with all her functional mobility and is keeping up with her exercises through the local hospital’s wellness program.